Golden Goose Sneakers I put a pair of

Golden Goose Sneakers I put a pair of



Men's LTD Super Star double tongue sneakers with snake print heel tab and red star, We are rewriting our rules every day with the Limited Edition LAB collection. We love contrasts, surprises. White Ball Star sneakers with light blue details, Traveling continually enriches our vision through the experiences we have along the journey. Ball Star is a journey into the culture of American basketball told through iconic colors and Vintage finishes.

Black and white Stardan sneakers, We like it when things are back to front the more worn the Stardans, the rarer they are. Do I think they are worth it If you wear sneakers at least once a month, then yes. Both can be tied loosley; I have a tutorial saved on my Instagram highlights under GGDB.

About a year ago, Golden Goose Sneakers I put a pair of golden goose sneakers on my wishlist, but felt like I could never justify a pair of sneakers that cost anywhere between 400 and 500especially because they already come looking dirty. But, I loved how they looked and how they could go with so many different outfits. So, after crushing hard on them for almost a year, I decided to pull the trigger. I ordered my pair onlinefrom ssence and decided if I didnt absolutely LOVE them then I would return. Clearly, I fell in love So today I want share my honest golden goose sneaker review with yall today why I love them and think theyre worth the money, sizing, and more

Ball Star sneakers with glittery star and leopard print heel tab, Basketball heritage is a recurring theme in the world of Golden Goose, expressed through sneakers with a varsity style retro look. This model is rendered even more special thanks to the denim upper, combined with the leopard print pony skin star and black vertical strip.

This model updates the classic upper with hiking laces and a contrasting blue lining. The brand has been popular for what seems like forever now Golden Goose but I hadnt pulled the trigger till a few weeks ago. We have played around with this concept in the limited edition LAB collection Stardan sneakers made of craquele leather with leopard print pony skin insert and glitter laces.

To me that is important as I want to wear this style as its intended to be worn with side knots. Sizing I find them to run TTS. I just purchased my 4th pair and honestly I dont know how my obsession grew so quickly Im just plain addicted I think its all the fun colors and unique Golden Goose Tennis styles the designers at GG create. Each style is 100 unique and only made in specific limited amounts.

Super Star sneakers with leopard print jacquard and suede inserts and pony skin tongue, We love to take our most iconic styles and update them with refined details, giving them a new identity. These sneakers feature a blend of weaves and materials. The upper features leopard print jacquard and brown suede inserts, while the tongue is in pony skin. The pink Golden Goose star adds a glamorous touch


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